Thursday, 17 January 2013

Saze, that's me!

If I impale spark plugs into Mr Him’s brain would it jump-start our limp sex-life or turbo-boost him out of here? I may as well be the only one in this damn relationship. When was the last time my Mr Him lifted a single nicotine-stained digit to hoover up? I can’t even remember and I’ve been with him for what seems like a life sentence. I’ve borne his spawn, cleaned his stinky-walk-on-their-own-crusty-socks, endured his proclamations of insincere love, and tolerated his affection to “co-workers” (female of course) but why have I disappeared?
Am I searching for something that doesn’t exist? Yearning for appreciation where none is due?
This blog will be my diary. I must figure out the blogging app on my new phone. I’m not telling Mr Him, this will be my venting platform, my own little secret - hell, he wants his blue shirt ironed, must stop typing as would be a shame to tear Mr Him from whatever he’s doing, like plucking his eyebrows or wearing himself out channel-hopping.

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