Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lies Love Tells FREE

While I'm working on my second novel I'm offering my debut novel, Lies Love Tells, for FREE (until the end of this Friday) over on Smashwords in various e-formats. Click here to visit the book's Smashwords page. It's also on Goodreads (although with a different cover) here.

About Lies Love Tells:

Saze is hoping for love. She never imagined murder and mayhem would find her too...

Fingers of suspicion scratch at Saze Monnivan, taunting that her partner, Mr Him, is not being honest. She unleashes her emotions into her blog diary and her real life takes a sharp turn providing her with the courage to finally stand up to Mr Him.
Unfortunately Mr Him’s not the only person Saze needs to be afraid of. Something awful is happening to young women in the town and their lives are being extinguished frighteningly early.
As Saze’s life peaks and falls spectacularly and her blog attracts interest and internet trolls, she can’t help wondering if her followers exist only in the virtual or whether she should be looking over her shoulder.
    Is Saze foolish to trust new faces, will she ever survive the terror she is engulfed by, and will she find the love she craves?

Thanks for stopping by, and of course, for reading. Off now to watch the snow from my desk...I mean write. Gina Dickerson.

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