Thursday, 17 January 2013

Introducing Saze Monnivan...

Saze Monnivan’s Profile.

Age: 31 years.

Gender: Female.

Location: Often found inside own head or wandering streets of Eastcove.

Relationship Status: Well there’s a man who lives in my flat and I think I’m engaged to him; don’t know if he agrees.

My links: Saze Monnivan

Likes: Cupcakes, dreaming of a better life, fantasising, my hair – its long, conker coloured, and curly so what’s not to love?

Dislikes: Selfishness, men who adjust themselves in public, people without manners, stepping in dog poo.

About Me: Confused most of the time. Cupcake/Biscuit/Cake Addict. “Real job”: Office-Worker, Mother, FiancĂ©e/Cook/Cleaner (although little or no reward for this full-time position).

Aspirations: To have a whole cupboard full of designer shoes. Too vapid? Okay, to be myself again.

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